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Backlog Log Blog 8/21/2012

It’s been what...a month and a half since my first entry into the Backlog Log Blog? It seems as though the last two months of summer vacation have flown by in an instant. I feel like the Fourth of July was only last week. Even so, I’ve played/watched a good deal since that time. So much so that I doubt I’ll really remember everything I wanted to say about these topics at the time. If I do, this will probably get to be super duper long. I’ll try to keep it a reasonable length, but we’ll see.

A lot has happened since my last post. I went on vacation, got a little part time job, and of course, played a shit ton of games. As usual, I haven’t really watch any TV (I’d rather just watch the Breaking Bad season on my own time once it’s out), but I was able to catch the two big super hero movies of the summer in The Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises. Lastly, I managed to finally finish A Game of Thrones, so I’ll be giving a quick rundown of my thoughts on that book down at the end.

Learning How to Program Episode 4

So, I decided to change things up a little bit. I actually went back and rerecorded the first parts of my second and third episode to make the learning process a little bit easier for those who may watch this in the future, that way people aren't spending hours actually learning how to learn this stuff.

I actually made these two videos a few weeks back, but didn't get around to posting them. That being the case, Episode 5 will probably be right around the corner. I'm hoping to finish it before school starts next week, but we'll see.

Thanks to those that are watching. I'm getting at least a couple views on everything, so I'm glad to see at least someone is paying attention, even if they aren't actually using these videos for their purpose.

Learning How to Program Episode 3

So here is the third episode of my learning how to program series. For everyone/anyone who watched the last episode, this one is much shorter. Also, I did realize after listening to the next lectures and doing this next problem set that the Week 2 Monday lecture should have been listened too along with PSet1. I think I'll go back and add a comment to my second episode just to make sure anyone watching knows in the future.

This episode delves deeper into C by actually using it to encrypt text. After completing this problem set there are some important concepts about command line arguments and functions that you should have a firm grasp of. There is definitely not as large of a learning curve for this problem set as there was for the last problem sets, but maybe that was just me. Regardless, the more I learn about this stuff the more excited I get to learn more, so I'm probably going to jump right into the next lectures after I'm done writing this.

In any case, I hope this at least helps one person who wants to get into teaching themselves to program. If you've tried before and failed, or just don't know where to start I hope I can give you a good jumping off point. Also, there are definite times where it feels like you're hitting a wall, and you just kind of want to give up, but if you walk away and come back and then just push past it you will feel and immense amount of satisfaction. If this is you're first time seeing this you can just go to my youtube channel or look at my other blog posts for the first episodes if you want to start off from the beginning.

So again, comment if you have any suggestions, and hopefully I will crank out the next episode a little faster than the 3 weeks it took me to get around to this one.